Lazarus 1996
74" high
The bronze depicted in this photograph was cast in bronze in 1995-96. The plaster original was the third on the theme of the rising Lazarus. This is an ongoing process, as other variations are anticipated. This piece is paired with the Activator figure, shown in another photograph. Together they are part of a series of interactive "couples." Lazarus was purchased by Elizabethtown College and is currently in their Performing Arts Center. While originally placed in the main foyer of Leffler Chapel as a center-piece, a more recent internet update has observed: "Also on the second floor of Leffler Chapel, in an alcove at the men's restroom, is a striking sculpture of "The Rising Lazarus" by Christopher Cairns, donated to Elizabethtown College by Georgiana E. Leffler in memory of Carlos R. Leffler."
Copyright © 2003, Christopher Cairns.